Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Saturdays...If You Dare

Hey baby, it's gettin' kinda cold outside. Know what that means?
It's time to get all warm and cozy and snuggle up next to your best drinking buddies at the Old Carriage Inn, December 10, as the Park Slope sports bar, which knows no boundaries, hosts its annual Winter Pajama Party.
Wha? You're joking...right?
We joketh not.
Hot babes, sports fans, revelers and regulars alike will all be donning their jammies whilst braving the December chill ... and to make things a wee bit more interesting, Karaoke Mike (aka "The Sisco Kid") will be inviting all you crazies up to sing your favorite torch songs and heavy metal ballads (and anything else in between) after 10 p.m.
All we could say is, leave your inhibitions and civilian clothing at the door.
Old Carriage Inn Sports Louge
*** Upcoming Events ***
-- Dec 17: Holiday/Xmas Party. Cuh-raaaaaaaazeeee.
-- Dec. 24: Call 718-788-7747 for details.
-- Dec 31: New Year's Eve Mardi Gras Party -- $65; 10-2; open bar -- closed to the public; hot/cold buffet; party favors; Karaoke/DJ; champagne toast. Trust us, you won't wanna be anywhere else.


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